About Eric

February 6, 2016. Hapeville, GA. Eric Dunaway, candidate for Fulton County Judge. Photo by Michael A. Schwarz.

Eric Dunaway enjoying time with family

My name is Eric Dunaway, and I am honored to be your candidate in the open race for Fulton County Superior Court Judge.

I am Atlanta, born and raised. I was born at Grady and raised in South Fulton. I have spent my entire life, including high school and college, right here. Now my wife, Julie, and I are raising our own family here – two amazing daughters aged 11 and 7 – because we know there is no better place than Fulton County to live, work or raise a family.

I am the proud son of a schoolteacher and small business owner. I grew up watching my Dad run his own courier service for companies like Caterpillar. I spent more than one summer working in the family business.

Thankfully my parents taught us to work hard, never quit, and believe in ourselves. I went on to graduate from what is now West Lake High School to Morehouse College and then Mercer Law School. I come from a family of Morehouse men, with my uncle and many cousins going to Morehouse and my mother, cousins, and aunt going to Spelman.

After law school I chose to make Fulton County not just the place of my past but the place of my future. I started in the City Court of Atlanta prosecuting DUI cases, and then spent nearly 12 years in the Fulton County District Attorney’s office where I worked on major felonies including rapes and homicides. I went on to work in Paulding County for two years where I got a more diverse prosecutorial experience including child molestation and many meth cases. For the past five years I have been honored to work in the DeKalb DA’s office and am proud to be Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney over the sexual assault and domestic violence unit. Protecting Metro Atlanta women and children has become the hallmark of my twenty years of prosecuting and it is my personal passion.

I have been blessed to be married to my beautiful and even more intelligent wife for the past 13 years. She has blessed me with a life partner that is unwaveringly supportive and two daughters who are the center of my world. Every day I strive to make them proud.

My respect for the integrity of the Fulton County judicial system and my even deeper respect for the roles of our law enforcement and judicial officers make me a good fit for this position. But as a proud husband, father, and long-time Fulton County homeowner – I believe it is my life outside of the courtroom that makes me uniquely qualified for the bench. I’m proud to be the kind of husband and son that still has family dinner at my parents most Sundays. Three years ago, after the devastating death of my beloved little sister, my wife and I were honored and thankful to be able to help raise my nephew. I want to ensure that he and my daughters learn the value of faith, family, community, hard work, and self respect; just like I did.

If I am lucky enough to earn your support, your prayers and your vote, I will work hard every single day to be a judge that makes you proud. A working judge; where the lights are on early and the lights are still on late, and where we work to create a safe place for victims. I will be the kind of judge that sees the person and the law; the kind of judge that reaches out to young lawyers instead of embarrassing them. A fair judge. A firm judge. And a judge dedicated to the protection of all Fulton County families.

Thank you so much for you time.

Eric Dunaway